5 Tips For Running A Successful Google Ads Campaign for CPA Firms

If you’ve delved into the world of digital marketing, chances are you’ve frequently been told how effective a Google Ads campaign can be for growing your business. After all, 94% of all online searches happen on Google’s platform, meaning there’s hardly a better place to start for marketing your CPA firm.

However, running an effective Google Ads campaign isn’t as easy as creating an ad and waiting for the customers to come to you–it requires research, strategy, and continual improvement. Learning the ins and outs of running a Google Ads campaign will help you make the most out of your budget and generate real growth for your business. Here’s what you need to know about running an effective Google Ads campaign for your CPA firm:

Why run a Google Ads campaign?

Think about it – if Google leads someone to you based on their search query, chances are they were already looking for your services. This is why, when compared to other marketing strategies, Google Ads campaigns tend to produce higher quality leads.

Beyond organic search results, Google Ads allows you to target users with specific criteria, including those who have searched for specific keywords and those who belong to a specific age group or location. You’ll also be able to specify what time of day your ads are shown and how frequently, giving you a large amount of control over the reach and audience of your ads.

Google Ads also provides access to useful analytics to help you continually hone your marketing efforts. You can see who clicked on your ad and when, what clicks became sales, and statistics such as the average cost per lead.

Another benefit of using Google Ads is that it’s flexible. You can limit your costs to fit your needs and avoid any risk of exceeding your budget unexpectedly. Running a Google Ads campaign is possible for any budget, but how effective it is depends on your strategy.

What to consider before choosing Google Ads

As useful as a Google Ads campaign can be for marketing your CPA firm, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks. Here are some factors to consider when choosing whether or not to run a Google Ads campaign:


  • Cost: Depending on your niche, running a successful Google Ads campaign can be expensive. Because Google Ads are PPC (pay per click), you’ll be charged regardless of whether or not the click translates into a customer.


  • Competition: The cost of a Google Ads campaign is also based on how much competition there is in your niche. More competition means higher prices, and you’ll have to keep up with the prices your competition is willing to pay in order for your campaign to be effective.

How to run an effective Google Ads campaign

1. Define your objectives

While it might seem obvious, the first step is to determine what specific business objectives you want to accomplish with your Google Ads campaign. If you have a limited budget, this will allow you to allocate your dollars towards specific keywords that are relevant to your goal. Link your objective to specific actions, such as sales conversions or filling out a contact form.

2. Focus on the best keywords

Next, nail down the right keywords to target. Focus on finding the sweet spot between words that are widely searched and relevant to your business while also avoiding the most competitive keywords. This will help you lower your cost per click and remain competitive while stretching your budget as far as possible.

Another tip is to target long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are more specific and include words that have to do with characteristics such as location that would be relevant to a user searching for a business like yours in their area.

3. Perfect your landing pages

It’s common sense, but it’s worth noting that Google takes the quality of your website into account when deciding whether to prioritize you in the search results. This means that your landing pages need to be relevant to the search query and provide quality, SEO driven content.

Make sure your landing pages are ready to do their part of the conversion process. Are they high-quality, easy to navigate, and professional?

4. Create high quality ads

Create ads that are as concise and relevant as possible to the user. Take advantage of Google’s Quality Score–you’ll receive a score based on the relevancy of your ad and your landing pages that will give you an idea of how you’ll rank in search results.

5. Continually improve

Set aside time regularly to review the performance of your ads campaign and make appropriate modifications to increase its effectiveness. This could be dropping keywords with minimal search volumes to target higher search volume keywords or modifying your ad’s verbiage if it isn’t performing well.

The Bottom Line

While Google Ads are an effective tool for online marketing, remember that it’s just one piece of the puzzle to drive real growth through digital ads. If you’re hoping to drive more growth for your firm, book a call with us. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to help your firm reach its potential.

Leo Ebbert, CPA

Leo Ebbert, CPA

Leo Ebbert, CPA is a 15-year digital marketing veteran who has helped dozens of businesses dominate their space online.

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