We Help CPA Firms Recruit & Retain
Top Accounting Talent

…without paying 25% of first-year salary.

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What’s wrong with your recruiting?

Does this sound familiar?

Not Sure What Will Work

You know you should be doing more to attract top talent to your practice but you're not sure what will move the needle.

Recruiters Only Get You So Far

Recruiters either can't find top talent or cost too much. And this talent is more prone to churn.

Paralysis Analysis

Without a clear direction, everything seems like a good idea AND a bad idea. No action starts to look more and more enticing.

What we do for you

We’re the bridge between you and consistent headcount growth.

Leo Ebbert, CEO and fellow CPA

Digital Marketing for Accounting Recruitment

The headhunter model is broken. Not only is it too expensive, but it actually feeds employee churn by favoring candidates that are likely to move around.

The answer? Use digital marketing to find candidates that want to be in your firm. We help you tell a compelling story and show it to the right people. That’s when top-tier talent will beat a path to your firm’s door.

Not only does this cost less, but it works better than using a traditional recruiting agency. Book a call to learn how we can do this for your firm.

Who Are We NOT A Fit For?

Who Are We A Perfect Fit For?

Our scale

Real numbers, real scale, real experience, and a lot of caffeine

“Don’t fear the man who knows 1,000 techniques. But fear the man that has practiced one technique 1,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

$500+ Million

Total Sales

3.3+ Million

Total Transactions

$100 Million

Total Ad Spend

1+ Billion

Total Clicks


Years of experience


Cups of coffee


An Evergreen Recruiting System

Most accounting firms are struggling to meet client needs due to low headcount caused by employee churn and a tight labor market. We offer done-for-you application funnel that will drive top-tier talent to your firm’s front door.

Tell A Great Story

The first step is to have a compelling story to tell. If your firm has a great culture, strong work-life balance, advancement opportunities, then you’re already halfway there. You just need a partner like us who can tell your story and get it in front of the people who want to hear it. We’ll create the digital assets you need to tell the story.

CPA Firm Websites That Recruit

Most CPAs do not have a conversion-focused website, or if they do, it’s still too client driven rather than talent driven. Right now you probably don’t need more potential clients calling you. You need top-tier talent in place to do excellent work. So use your biggest digital asset to recruit that talent.

Digital Marketing for Recruiting

Once you have a great story and a way to tell it, now we shout it from the rooftops. We develop landing pages and drive highly-targeted traffic to get your story and openings in front of top-tier talent. This is where the proverbial magic happens and great candidates start reaching out.

Conversion Tracking

None of this works without accountability. It’s our job to prove to you that we are driving the results we promised. We do that through detailed conversion tracking so you will always know the results we drive for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

This will be a $5k/month service. However, we currently have an “early adopter” beta program available that cuts the normal cost by about half. It’s available on a limited basis to certain firms that qualify. That’s not a sales tactic. The price is reduced for a revamped pilot program, but it won’t be for long. To see if you qualify, book a call.

As long as you don’t check any of these boxes, we’d be a great fit:

  • Less than $1M/year in revenue (or simply can’t afford the service)
  • You only have 1 seat to fill, not a consistent need.
  • You have no shortage of excellent talent
  • Your firm’s culture isn’t great. Fix that first and then let’s chat. 
  • Not serious about growth

We always tell clients that it takes about 6 months to see what we can do for you. Our goal is to blow your socks off from day one and get you some early wins. But building a machine like this will take some time. One of the biggest benefits, however, is that the assets and funnels we create are permanent. 

We feel that pain and we hear statements like this all the time. For one, our founder is a fellow CPA who knows exactly what it’s like sitting in your seat. He’s built his career on the same credibility you have. 

As for what’s different, the answer is….a lot! At 30% of first-year salary it takes a home run hire for it to make sense to use a recruiter for every hire. Unfortunately, the very nature of recruiting is that they are more likely to find candidates that are driven more by salary than culture or more likely to bounce around. It’s better to build the funnel yourself so that YOU own it rather than relying on a recruiter to find the next person looking to move.

It doesn't have to be hard!

Leverage Digital Marketing to drive your firm’s recruiting and break free from the headhunter model. Invest in the assets that will tell your firm’s story in a way that drives top talent to come to your front door. That’s how you get A-players in the door. Then use our retention strategy to make sure they stay.